Well you get to a time in life when you think, is this it? Work until retirement then flop? Well, we decided that we wanted to try a different approach, so yes we are still working and flopping intermittently. But now we have our hobbies that hopefully with your help will enable us to get to working part-time and maybe, one day to let us just to what we love together. Yes cheesy but meant sincerely. We are happiest when doing this stuff and we hope that you will find pleasure in what we do. So welcome to Rosie Moments Art (and other sustainable practice in Covid 19 world) and PenGwyn Woodcrafts, which make us happy. I paint pictures which make me smile from photographs which I took because the scenes amused me and hopefully they will do the same for you. My partner Gwyn, runs PenGwyn, pens from wood and resin, he enjoys being out in his workshop, maybe just because out there he is protected from the pestering of the kids!

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